Your co-hosts (of culture, duh)

This is the talking dream team. Totally in the game for culture and a whole lotta love for Boise.



Culture Junkies creator and host, Jennifer Kite-Powell is a multi-faceted unicorn. She's a science and tech writer at Forbes, a frequent moderator & emcee at tech events and author of the poetry 2017 book, Love, Lust, Longing & Truth. Jennifer interviews big brains, captains of industry, renowned photographers & conservationists and A-list celebrities, directors and producers around the world. 

She started the podcast MassiveTalk in London which was shortlived due to some confusion over expletives & jam versus jelly. She's reincarnated it with people who don't care for jam. Jennifer returns to Boise, Idaho (living here in the 1970s) via a circuitous route that included Boston, Amsterdam, London, Copenhagen, Cortona, Italy Paris and Brooklyn.  She lives on the Boise River with her beagle Henry and two extremely existential cats.

Twitter: @JennaLee



Harrison Berry, one of our frequent co-hosts, would wear a sweater every day if he could, makes the best enchiladas in the world and rides his bike everywhere. A jack-of-all-trades, he’s also the senior staff writer at Boise Weekly

Twitter: @Harrisonberry




Andrew Martin is a Boise musician with the project, Up Is The Down Is The. Andrew is also the in-house music curator for Culture Junkies and provides the original music for the podcast which features cuts from his first album. You can download his album on Bandcamp. 


Twitter: @Upisthedownisthe